Chasewater Feeding Station

This Feeding Station has been set up in a woodland clearing on the north side of Chasewater and includes a bird table (with squirrel deterrent measures) and several hanging feeders. This is increasingly becoming an excellent site to have good views of many of the smaller birds that inhabit Chasewater, e.g. all the tit family, woodpeckers, finches, buntings and even Waxwing.  



It was to members Ted Winks, Tony Higgs and Neil Stych we have to thank for setting up this facility. Thanks must now be given to those who make the daily trek to top up the feeders and keep the area under observation

If you would like to help, perhaps by donating money to help purchase seed and fat for the feeding station, please contact the usual Yahoo email address found on the home page.

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November 7th 2009 G Evans
November 15th 2009 
A nearby Tawny Owl Neil Stych
Willow Tit Neil Stych
Bullfinches T Stevenson
Bullfinch T Stevenson
November 28th 2009

A very dull day brightened up by a very cheeky Grey Squirrel

G Evans

 December 21st 2009 Graham Evans
Great Tit

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