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June 2012 Diary
All the latest sightings, news and photos from Chasewater and surrounding areas.
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11 Common Terns were present at sunrise along with a Ringed Plover and a Cormorant. 3 pairs of Little Ringed Plovers were on territory on the 'Balcony Shore' and there were still 3 pairs on the South Shore although they all appear to have suffered through the daily disturbance and it appears that initial breeding attempts have failed with one pair seen mating and another male displaying and the status of the pair near the pier is rather uncertain. There are still no signs warning people of these specially protected breeding birds (GE) and motorbikes were being allowed to scramble around the 'Island', within 3m of a Lapwing's nest containing 3 eggs and close to 3 Little Ringed Plover territories (PW).
Sunrise (GE)
On Cuckoo Bank there was a Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Wall Browns, 6 Small Heaths, 2 Small Coppers and a Four-spotted Chaser (EO).
A Lapwing with a well developed chick was on the North Shore (GR). During the late afternoon a Cuckoo, Sanderling and a Dunlin were present and a flock of 15 Ringed Plovers briefly settled before continuing their migration north (PW). Two Common Terns were with the late evening gull gathering which included at least one 2cy Yellow-legged Gull, 70 Lesser Black-backs and 80 Black-headed Gulls (GE).
A thoroughly miserable day; cold, windy and very, very wet! A token late evening visit produced a Common Tern and several gulls were sheltering on the shore near the 'Island' (GE).
A Cuckoo was over the North Shore (GR). 4 Ringed Plovers and a Dunlin were present throughout the day whilst only 1 of the 3 Sanderlings present during the morning (PW) remained this evening when 6 Common Terns were over the lake and probably the same pair of South Shore Little Ringed Plovers as on the 1st were seen to mate again (GE).
2 Redshanks, a Dunlin, 3 Ringed Plovers, a Shelduck, 66 Canada Geese, 3 Cormorants and a Cuckoo were present. A small gathering of gulls included 4 Herring Gulls and a 3cy Yellow-legged Gull. Of the 3 pairs of Little Ringed Plovers on or north of the 'Island', one pair is still on territory but neither bird was sitting and no young were seen, another pair was on the nest and the third is not on the original territory and although a brief display flight was made, little else indicated a further breeding attempt (GE, NS).
Yellow-legged Gull (GE)
The Dunlin was still present along with a probable 2cy Yellow-legged Gull, a Cormorant, 40 House Martins and a Buzzard. The 3 pairs of Little Ringed Plovers at the north end of the lake were as yesterday although a dog walker on the North Shore caused a noisy reaction implying there may be a fourth pair still present. The pair near the Pier may have young as they reacted noisily to a passing Kestrel. Red-eyed, Blue-tailed, Large Red and Common Blue Damselflies were along the canal at Anglesey Basin where Star Sedge, Cranberry, Floating Water-plantain, Deer Grass and Round-leaved Sundew were amongst the notable plants (GE).
A brief morning visit produced a Common Tern, 30 Lesser Black-backs and several House Martins (GE).
At Kingswood a pair of Oystercatchers have two well grown juveniles (GE).
A brief evening visit produced 2 Common Terns, 30 Sand Martins, 12 Black-headed Gulls and 7 Lesser Black-backs (GE).
2 adult Oystercatchers, a Dunlin, Ringed Plover, a Common Tern, 5 Canada Geese (including a hybrid) and 5 goslings were present. The pair of Little Ringed Plovers nesting by the channel between the 'Island' and Pimpernel Point are now threatened by rising water levels but the pair between the 'Island' and Causeway appear secure and were seen to exchange incubation duties. The West Shore now has a well defined island which should provide a secure refuge until it eventually becomes submerged (GE).
Scramble track or breeding Little Ringed Plovers? It's up to you LDC (GE).
Little Ringed Plover nest threatened by rising water levels (GE).
A Common Tern and over 50 Canada Geese were present (GE).

4 pairs of Little Ringed Plovers were on the South Shore and a Bee Orchid was present (GE).

Bee Orchid (GE)
At least 31 Little Ringed Plovers were present including at least 14 pairs on territory. A Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher, a Common Tern, 2 Red-legged Partridges and 63 Canada Geese were also present. Many 100's of Adder's-tongue Fern and several Southern Marsh Orchids were between the Cycle Track and Railway (GE).
A 2cy Common Gull, 3 Herring Gulls, 50 Lesser Black-backs and 63 Canada Geese were present (GE).

The Mute Swans on the Swag are still sitting, as are the South Shore Little Ringed Plovers (GE).

A Nuthatch was heard in Jack's Wood (PW). 3 Common Terns were present. The sitting Little Ringed Plovers on the South Shore left the nest when approached to 50m which doesn't give too much hope of them getting through a busy but cool weekend (GE).
An Oystercatcher and 2 Herring Gulls were present and the Little Ringed Plover on the South Shore was still incubating (GE).
3 Oystercatchers, a Common Tern and several hirundines and Swifts were present. At least 2 Little Ringed Plover information signs have now been put up on the South Shore (PW, GE).
Over 100 Swifts were present during the evening. Two new Little Ringed Plover nests were located on the South Shore so please encourage people to read the signs and be aware of the Dog Walkers' Voluntary Code of Conduct (GE).
An Oystercatcher (NS) and 2 Common Terns were present. Despite the new signs, several families and dog walkers were on the South Shore, although during a two hour period in the afternoon I was able to talk to several people who appreciated the advice as they had no idea about the Little Ringed Plovers or the Dog Walkers' Voluntary Code of Conduct. On the South Shore there are 3 Little Ringed Plover nests with eggs and the first brood of 3 chicks is near the pier. The total for the whole site appears to be probably equalling last year's total of 16 pairs (GE).
2 Common Terns, 71 Canada Geese (including a hybrid) and up to 200 large gulls were present during the early evening. A Little Ringed Plover nest was located on the Sailing Shore but the rare appearance of the sun had encouraged out several walkers and free running dogs resulting in birds being regularly off the nest (GE).

2 Common Terns were present and at least 4 (2 2cy, 2 3cy) Yellow-legged Gulls were amongst the 90 Lesser Black-backs and 5 Herring Gulls (GE).

2cy and 3cy Yellow-legged Gulls (GE)
At dusk there were 14 Common Terns, 60 House Martins, 79 Canada Geese, 40 Black-headed Gulls and at least 2 (3cy) Yellow-legged Gulls were amongst the 123 large gulls (GE).

At dusk, at least 10 Common Terns and 50 Black-headed Gulls had gathered on the 'Balcony' shore. 32 large gulls were on the floating pontoon (GE).

3 noisy adult Oystercatchers were present along with 16 Lapwings, 3 Common Terns and at least 3 (2 3cy, 2cy) Yellow-legged Gulls (GE).
Anglesey Basin
Dam orchids
Marsh Cinquefoil
Common Spotted Orchids
Around 200 Common Spotted Orchids were in flower below the dam and there were also large areas of Marsh Cinquefoil and Ragged Robin but there were no Round-leaved Sundews on the barely surviving Sphagnum lawn. However, patches of 10 and 25 sundews still survive south of the canal, in which Shining Pondweed, Narrow-leaved Water-plantain and Floating Water-plantain were all present (GE). Seven Common Terns were present including 2 juveniles and a colony of 11 Bee Orchids was found (PW).
At Stubber's Green there were 230 Canada Geese, an Oystercatcher, 20 Swifts, 40 Lesser Black-backs, 10 Herring Gulls and 15 Black-headed Gulls (GE).