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August 2013 Diary
All the latest sightings, news and photos from Chasewater and surrounding areas.
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Thurs 1st On the Swag there were 75 Coot, 44 Mallard, 20 Tufted Ducks and 2 Great Crested Grebes and Norton Bog Lagoon held 35 Tufted Ducks, 6 Mallard and 13 Coot (GE).
Thurs 15th

Ascomycete Fungi data updated on our biodiversity pages. Species located has now reached 100. (PT)

Sat 17th

A Ringed Plover was on the Sailing Club shore tonight. This morning a pair of Great Crested Grebes was with chicks. This is the 6th pair to have young this year whilst another 2 pairs have at least nested (GR).

Mon 19th At dusk the gull roost held 2380 Black-headed Gulls and 2570 large gulls, the vast majority being Lesser Black-backs, a few Herring and at least 5 (4 adult, 1 3cy) Yellow-legged Gulls (GE).
Thu 22nd

A Wheatear was on the South shoreline (N).

Fri 23rd At Stubber's Green there were 300 Black-headed Gulls, 250 Lesser Black-backs, 50 Herring Gulls, 3 adult Yellow-legged Gulls and a Common Sandpiper (GE).
Sun 25th The WeBS count included 42 Mute Swans, 75 Canada Geese, 211 Mallard, 97 Tufted Ducks, 27 Great Crested Grebes, a Little Grebe, 322 Coot, 11 Moorhens and a Cormorant (GE).
At 13:30 a Red Kite flew over Ironstone Road, Chase Terrace towards Chasewater (SM).
A study of the Grasshopper Warbler population on Cuckoo Bank this year has produced 17 territories with at least one pair being double brooded (DO).
Wed 28th