Send in your Observations

Please send in any records of any wildlife that you see.   By wildlife we mean:  birds, plants (including trees, ferns, mosses), fungi, insects (dragonflies, butterflies, moths, bees - being the commoner recorded groups), bats, mammals, amphibians (frogs, toads, newts), reptiles (snakes, lizards).  We would be particularly interested in any records of fish and invertebrates recorded from the Reservoir and the many smaller pools at Chasewater and Cuckoo Bank.

Ideally, a record should consist of:  date and time seen;  species (sex and age if appropriate) and full description if unusual;  exactly where seen (see Maps);  numbers seen;  behaviour (if appropriate) including whether indications of breeding if a bird;  whether any other person also saw this species and can confirm it;  your name and contact details.

Records can be submitted in several ways - by email to chasewater.sightings@yahoo.co.uk or if you are a member of twitter then tweet to @cwg_sightings

Please submit your records regularly so we can include them in the Daily Diary where we try to give really up-to-date information on what is being seen.

We are always looking for experts in different fields to help with surveying the more difficult groups and species e.g. fungi, mosses, beetles, amphibians, fish, etc.  Please contact Graham Evans if you can help or know of someone who may be able to.