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Information about the wildlife of biodiversity-rich Chasewater and surrounding areas of south Staffordshire in the English Midlands.
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01 December 2021

Information Needed! We need your records and sightings and welcome information from Chasewater's visitors regarding all species of flora and fauna.


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Chasewater's Deer


Cuckoo Bank 


Female Sparrowhawk on November 30th (KW).
AVIAN INFLUENZA - latest news (1st December)
Avian Influenza or 'Bird Flu' has been confirmed at Chasewater and Stubber's Green. 
The virus is spread by direct contact or through contaminated body fluids and faeces and therefore much of the shoreline has been taped off to stop people and dogs carrying the virus on their feet. Please do not feed the wildfowl as this concentrates them closely together and will spread the virus. Numbers of Mute Swans have reduced from 63 on November 5th to 32 today.
The spread of the virus through the wild-bird population has been dramatic with Defra declaring the UK free from the virus until Week 43 (Oct 18-24) when there were 6 cases, there were 9 cases in Week 44, 13 in Week 45 and 29 in Week 46 (including our two local cases).
We are now in Week 49 and the Defra website has no further information on wild birds but the trend is very concerning and it is clear that the epidemic has spread throughout much of the UK.
There have been over 20 cases in captive birds resulting in all birds on the premises being culled and from 29th November there is a legal requirement for all captive birds in the UK to be kept indoors.
 If you see ill or dead birds, don't touch but contact the Rangers or call Defra's national dead wild bird helpline on 03459 33 55 77 (option 7).


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